Python, Poised for Future

Ahsan Malik
3 min readMay 12, 2021


With 2021 already upon us, we are still wondering what we can do to make the most out of this year and years to come. Most of us have set objectives such as hit the gym more often, read more books, explore new places which are admirable in their own way. But let’s just think out of the box and out of your comfort zone, I suggest that everyone should learn how to program with Python. This could set you on path to success for the years to come.

I first came to know about Python was due to one of projects. I wanted to setup a web server on Raspberry Pi (small single board computer) for the user to visualize sensory data. I was able to create WebSockets simply using Python to control the connected home appliances and attached different sensors. A couple of years back, scripting was the main source of inspiration that I started digging deep into Python, and that was the foremost reason I was attracted to Python and preferred more than other popular scripting language of that time. Now if I see, with its large and powerful set of libraries and huge online community python has become an essential tool that everyone should carry in their arsenal.

No matter which field you belong to, Python is a great language not just for technical people but for kids, for adults wanting to have some creativity added to their life. Python has tons of packages to do just about anything. Nobody wants to spend time (energy) understanding the technical complications of the programming. The simplicity lets user to focus more on the actual problem solving things. For beginners it’s simple, start with Python because it is easy to learn and powerful. As an example
write the first ever program that any language teaches you, “Hello World” in different programming languages and analyze the simplicity of Python.

With a simple, easy readable syntax Python has been admired by professional develops and industrial researcher. Efficiency of python allows developers to complete more work using fewer lines of code.
• If you are hobbyist, learn Python to do some cool and amazing projects that can keep you motivated. For example:
• build a home monitoring and automation system
• build a robotic to paint random pictures
• develop your own personal website
• If you have a kid at home, project kits from Adafruit and Raspberry Pi are a great way for kids to get their hands dirty with fun projects. Many Python conferences encourage kids to come and do things with Python. If you are an adult and want to learn by making games, check out Arcade Academy
• If you are already familiar with programming and know how to code, then don’t fret Python will be very quick to pick up. Online resources like WikiBooks are great resources for learning quickly by example.
• If you are a Data Scientist and planning to dive deep in to the field of Data Sciences, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence, python is a power tool that you need to keep in you arsenal. Python has powerful APIs and libraries
available for AI, Data Science, and Machine learning.

“The only limit to AI is human imagination.

To give an idea about what you want and how python can be useful, I will list down some of the famous libraries and their applications.

The applications are endless. There are plenty of ways to get started with python; self-study, enroll yourself in python online course or watch online tutorials. The choice is yours to make!

One great community DevNation( with whom I had a great learning experience, is empowering the students/learners and grooming them to become not just good coders but good programmers.