With 2021 already upon us, we are still wondering what we can do to make the most out of this year and years to come. Most of us have set objectives such as hit the gym more often, read more books, explore new places which are admirable in their own way. But let’s just think out of the box and out of your comfort zone, I suggest that everyone should learn how to program with Python. This could set you on path to success for the years to come.

I first came to know about Python was due to one…

One of the biggest workplace adversaries is FEAR. We fear judgment. We fear what others will think of us if we mess things up. When faced with changes at work, most of us react with discomfort, fear about the loss of control, self-doubt that we’ll have the skills, or we simply fight back the prospect of having to expend mental energy. Mostly we have trained our minds to operate with a fear, usually first reaction will be fear-based — resistance to navigate the new river, denial, worry, anxiety, and even may be anger.

Failure is perceived in different ways, it…

Ahsan Malik

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